Glenda Bixker says:



...A Must-Read!

I love when writers decide to use fiction to tell an opinion or express concern about some situation. Fares Aoun has created a powerful, brilliantly conceived method and story to do just that. I applaud this work and consider it a must-read, especially given I read the book from front to back in one sitting. The impact for me was dramatic; I hope the impact for some will be enlightening...

Readers may stumble just as Part II begins in present time but will quickly continue on.

Because, actually, the same story continues! Yes, there are a few slight changes--Joe is now called Yusef. The prison becomes a "camp" of people. Scott is still waiting to transfer...

I pray with that hope too... If you also have this book and share it. I'm also hoping the author's next book runs along similar lines! Can there ever be a happy ending? I have a feeling this author has much to say to the world...and I want to read it!

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Joyce Andrea says:

The best book I have read in a very long time! The analogy is incredible … Definitely an eye-opener. As I was reading the book, I could see the story playing in front of my eyes…it would surely make a great movie.
It is unbelievable that in this day and time, such segregation and injustice is still allowed to go on.

Let us hope and pray that one day, the harsh cold winter will be replaced by the peaceful song of birds and beautiful sight of flowers blooming in greener pastures!

M. E. says:

It’s an amazing easy read book yet very deep in meanings! Once you start reading it , it’s very hard to put it down, very engaging! It applies to any generation, anywhere anytime.
Jerusalem Spring “has a heart” screaming for peace and justice. It’s every mother , father, son , daughter, young or old person who suffered during their life !! ... I absolutely love it!

Adem Cemerlic says:

I would say that this novel is amazing, but that would be a gross understatement. ...

I was deeply intrigued by the relationships between the main characters, and looked forward to seeing how it would all play out. ... By the end of the book, I was amazed. Such a beautiful contrast and parallel was drawn, one that no one could have expected, but one that everyone would appreciate.  ... Seeing the same exact character’s lives being played out in the second part, but in a complete new light, was fascinating.

I don’t want to write anymore, for I am afraid that I might give something worth reading individually away. I commend the author for writing such a masterpiece, and I encourage him to bless us with another novel.

leslie says:

I’d love to see it in movie theaters soon.
the comparison is so smart.
I love it

Nidale El Achkar says:

… Jerusalem Spring is no stranger to humans nor to history. It tells the story of people who live, love, fight, and struggle during a more modern period of history...

    The characters in this book are real ordinary people who live in any town on any street. They are molds of people who could fit any person who experienced similar situations. Their physical traits and their names are not important because their stories define them. Everybody is represented in this story, the victims, the people in power and the peace keepers. Fares Aoun does an excellent job making his characters alive. They have their secrets, their dreams and their daemons. They are weak yet they draw their strength from their weakness... He believes in them and in their cause. He is there with them in their cells and in their bedrooms, holding a tin of water to their lips or wiping tears from their faces. He is there to assure them that the world will hear their pleading. He simply takes ordinary people from everyday life and makes them eternal.

    The book gets you hooked from the first line. It jumps immediately into action and makes you wonder what is going to happen next. The suspense builds up with every page. You feel anxious for your heroes. You start predicting all kinds of heroic and majestic endings until the story brings you back to its purpose, and shows you how real life treats real people. It makes you wonder how many more books it will take to tell the story of a great people that spent most of its existence suffocating under the siege, under the bombs, and under oppression…

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